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Tutorial ;)

here come another tutorial.. and as all my 120 palette tuorials this one will be in english..
The theme of the day is green and heres what i used
you can get this palette from :)

started out with nr 1 in the corner of my eye

and then followin with nr 2, not going so far above my crease

then i blended nr 3 and 4 and going with it in my crease and under my eye

then eyeliner and mascara, and also my glittereyeliner from makeupstore

Then to edge it up alittle a took a blue pencil and drew a line under my eye. also a white pencil on my waterline

and a full faced pic so you can se the look. Its really simple and doesnt take much time at all :)

and a not so serius pic.. :P now i have to go to work.. hope your all well!

Postat av: Elin

Länken fungerar inte:(. Är Palletten bra??


2009-03-27 @ 15:22:12
Postat av: Alice

Jobbigt med engelska :/

2009-03-28 @ 19:58:31
Postat av: Karin

åh...vilken bra förklaring....

2009-03-29 @ 09:57:31
Postat av: Sexy Sadie

2009-03-30 @ 00:00:32
Postat av: Suss

Elin: Jag gillar den :)

alice: sorry! Men alla tutorials för 120 paletten är på engelska då den åker upp på bf´s sida.. och det är en engelsk sida.. :/ men jag kör nog något på mineraler tror jag! :)

Karin: Tack ;)

2009-03-30 @ 00:15:32
Postat av: annelie

grymt snyggt, skall fortsätta följa din blogg ;) du är grym !

Mvh Annelie

2009-04-06 @ 22:35:58

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